Portable Mass Spectrometry

Portable Mass Spectrometry

Drugs of abuse are commonly encountered by law enforcement and first responders. Identifying drugs of abuse in the field can help protect first responders and provide investigative leads.

Ongoing work in our lab is focused on developing ways to use paper spray mass spectrometry for in-field detection of drug residues using portable mass spectrometry. Current work uses pressure-sensitive adhesive paper for sample recovery and as a substrate for paper spray. Pressure-sensitive adhesive paper provides an affordable means for sample collection and enables fast analysis on the portable mass spectrometer.

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For more information, see the following publication:

  • Nguyen CB, Wichert WRA, Carmany DO, McBride EM, Mach PM,    Dhummakupt ES, Glaros T, and Manicke NE*: Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Combined with Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry for Low-Cost Collection and Analysis of Drug Residues. Analytical Chemistry. In Press (2021) https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.analchem.1c02050